Take in a weekend brunch or a sweet indulgence, perhaps while the family’s junior branch is busy kicking goals and building teams at adjacent Deakin Oval. You can butter them up with our bread-and-butter puddings after, as we keep serving until 3pm.

Herb and gruyere omelette with bacon (G)


Leek pikelets with piperade and basil pesto (V)


Pancakes with maple syrup pears and cinnamon ricotta (V)


Creamed corn on sourdough with coriander, avocado, and chilli (V) (can be gluten-free on request)


Eggs Florentine (V) (can be gluten-free on request)


Zucchini and chickpea fritters with poached eggs, spinach, and yoghurt dressing (G, V) (can be dairy-free on request)


Potato and spring onion rosti, smoked salmon, poached eggs and balsamic tomatoes (G) (can be gluten-free on request)


Sides (or design your own brunch):

Scrambled, poached or fried eggs


Bacon / Pork sausage




Tomatoes / mushrooms / spinach


Fruit toast/ Gluten free toast




Rye toast / white toast


Jam / marmalade / honey


D denotes dairy free

G denotes gluten free

V denotes vegetarian

We only use grain fed free range eggs

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